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UN Investigates US Drone Attacks

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From Opinion Maker

By Chris Woods and Alice K Ross

Emmerson press conference - copyright Bureau of Investigative Journalism 2013Ben Emmerson QC addresses reporters in London (Photo: TBIJ)A UN investigation into the legality and casualties of drone strikes has been formally launched, with a leading human rights lawyer revealing the team that will carry out the inquiry.The announcement came as the latest reported US drone strike in Yemen was said to have mistakenly killed two children.Ben Emmerson QC, the UN’s special rapporteur on human rights and counter-terrorism, told a London press conference that he will lead a group of international specialists who will examine CIA and Pentagon covert drone attacks in Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia.The team will also look at drone strikes by US and UK forces in Afghanistan, and by Israel in the Occupied Territories. In total some 25 strikes are expected to be examined in detail.The senior British barrister will work alongside international criminal lawyers, a senior Pakistani judge and one of the UK’s leading forensic pathologists, as well as experts from Pakistan and Yemen. Also joining the team is a serving judge-advocate with the US military ‘who is assisting the inquiry in his personal capacity.’Emmerson told reporters: ’Those states using this technology and those on whose territory it is used are under an international law obligation to establish effective independent and impartial investigations into any drone attack in which it is plausibly alleged that civilian casualties were sustained.’

But in the absence of such investigations by the US and others, the UN would carry out investigations ‘in the final resort’, he said.

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The American “Mossad,” Rule By Deception

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From Veteran’s Today


Truth, The Highest Calling for Man


By Gordon Duff


Few understand the real crime of deception.  Deception can be simple betrayal or can be contrived to drive you to murder your friends or defend monsters. 

Military deception is called “psyops” or “psychological  operations” and is, frankly, tasked specifically with creating wrong beliefs to rob leaders or entire populations of their judgment.

A successful “psyops operation” can be more powerful than any attack.  Without firing a shot, you can seem to be defeated, be fooled into misjudging enemies and allies or be set on the path of destroying yourself.

If you are a nation, you are constantly under attack from psychological operations.  If you are a nation, it is a prime responsibility to defend your people from “psyops” attacks designed to undermine faith in institutions, to foster dissent and exploit fear or create anger and feelings of being cheated.

Today’s world view, from the economic to racial and religious to social, political and military is all hopelessly infected with calculated disinformation created in order to realign society based on belief in falsehood in order to enfeeble and enslave, to drive the civil and good to acts of bestiality through exploiting the genetic weakness Darwinists tell us is bred into man’s character, our “reptilian mind.”

Deception is the basis of any military education, the basis of business practices, the basis of diplomacy, the underlying basis of the world’s currencies and economic systems and, more than ever, how civilization with 5000 years of learning and advancement can justify unbridled killing of the innocent or “collateral” as justifiable for a “common good” none ever understand or agree to.

Recently, we have stumbled on “psyops” planned during the Bush administration through one of our associates who worked in the White House as a member of the National Security Council under Condi Rice and previously with the Clinton administration.

This is Gwyneth Todd, former Iran Desk Chief of the National Security Agency, former “Political Intelligence Chief” for the US 5th Fleet, controlling the area known as the Middle East and South Asia.

She was chief policy advisor, station in Bahrain, tasked with interpreting regional politics and helping military leaders in the region understand Iran.

Hours of public interviews with Todd over recent days has given us “insider views” into the workings of the twisted psyches of many of the most powerful figures in American military and foreign policy.   What we have learned has been frightening.

We now have written proof of not just widespread espionage rings and wars staged for profit but American officials planning terror attacks and assassinations in and around the Persian Gulf.

We have been supplied with lists of corroborating witnesses that including cabinet officers who, though nominated by the president and confirmed by the senate, were bullied and threatened by thugs and criminals who were and may well still be the real government of the United States.

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