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How Syria Unlocked America’s Dark Closet

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From Veteran’s Today

By Gordon Duff

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Syria’s Trove of Secrets

“Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive” –– Sir Walter Scott

Sir Walter Scott - who had a look about him

Sir Walter Scott – who had a look about him

As the chances of American “boots on the ground” in Syria disappear, burying the secrets that Syria has exposed is critical, but to whom? 

Never has a single conflict exposed so much weakness, duplicity and criminality. These things have always been there but never so plain for all to see.

Chemical weapon inspectors overseeing the destruction, well underway, of Syria’s stockpiles can’t help but note clear indications that those stockpiles have not been touched for years.

The silence of this revelation is “deafening.”

Moreover, as it becomes increasingly obvious that Assad’s forces weren’t involved in chemical attacks, inspectors are now asking for Assad’s forces to, through military action, gain access to stockpiles of chemical weapons held by rebel forces.

News stories are reporting this but are trying very hard to hide this story “in plain sight.”  If inspectors are demanding access to rebel areas to assess chemical weapon stockpiles two things are obvious.

  • They believe rebels control chemical weapons
  • They feel that only military action by Assad led forces can secure Syria from further attacks



Christiane Amanpour

Christiane Amanpour

The danger of world war isn’t over.  A veritable army of carefully groomed intelligence assets have been tasked with a last ditch effort to push the world over the brink.

Chief among these is Christiane Amanpour, the “friendly Muslim face” of CNN, long known in intelligence circles as a Mossad asset.

As the top “news celebrity” in the world with carefully groomed credibility, Amanpour is now on a mission to prove Assad is hiding chemical and biological weapons from UN inspectors, spending the credibility she gained in her recent interview with Iranian President Rohani.



Gwenyth has built a new life

Gwenyth has built a new life

Her task has been to find a “Chalabi” for Syria.  Veterans Today Editor Gwyneth Todd met Chalabi in 1999.  Chalabi was with Paul Wolfowitz at PNAC (Project for a New American Century).

They were quite open about their plans to overthrow seven governments and set up dictatorships under the combined control of the Bush family and Zionist interests.

A “working group” was created to bring this about through what we were later to learn was “9/11.”

With several White House insiders from that time on staff, we get a front row view of that time, how AIPAC spies, Chalabi, White House insiders like Condi Rice and Richard Clarke operated in an environment of full-scale treason, large-scale espionage and manufactured false flag terrorism.


Does the “D” in DC Stand for “Depraved?”

Political obstruction of justice has a long history in America

Political obstruction of justice has a long history in America

Greasing the wheels, as is so often the case in Washington was an underworld of sexual perversion, prostitutes, “rent boys,” secret backroom homosexual liaisons in specially designated areas of the White House and even a president who entertained a special male friend who advertised gay sex for pay on the internet.

I have exhaustively interviewed those who were there.  We know the FBI had wiretapped the White House and had active investigations ongoing, targeting almost every top level Bush advisor.

Top AIPAC executives were arrested for espionage and later released.  Top Bush foreign policy and counter-terrorism advisors were all facing life sentences for a variety of crimes until the Justice Department removed FBI investigators and shut down operations, a political move.

Behind it all was sex, often involving kidnapped children.  Author John de Camp wrote about this in “The Franklin Cover-Up, Child Abuse, Satanism and Murder in Nebraska.

This was the first Bush presidency, “41,” and Republican Party officials called on the CIA to aid in silencing the investigation which was characterized as “an attempt to blackmail the President of the United States.” My knowledge of this is “first hand.”

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Obama to Israel: Relations with Iran to be normalized

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From Press TV

By Gordon Duff

With an increasing acceptance of an alternative historical context, one where the “war on terror” may well have been a construct of manipulation by global forces dedicated to insure chaos and entropy, the old concepts of post-Cold War alignments no longer hold.”

After nearly 35 years, Barack Obama, a “lame duck” president with a landslide win mandate, is ready to begin the process of normalizing relations with Iran.

He is starting early in his term for a good reason. President Clinton tried the same thing, as we learned in the Press TV documentary on Gwyneth Todd, but waited until far too late to be able to overcome the onslaught brought on by forces that we now know had long planned a full-scale invasion of Iraq.

Conspiracy theorists say that 9/11 was part of that plan. Top members of government and the military who served during that period concur.

A “Peace Dividend” to Save a Presidency

Thus, Obama will go to Israel.

The US has to end the standoff. America will be able to cut military spending by up to 20% if the Persian Gulf is stabilized.

In addition, Iran is ripe for an economic deal with the US that could mean tens of thousands of new jobs for Americans at home and thousands of new jobs for Americans in Iran.

The problem will be selling “peace and prosperity” in a world where war and economic hooliganism has become business as usual.

The Visit

Last week, Vice President Biden announced that the United States was willing to begin “bilateral talks” with Iran. This week, President Obama announced his first overseas trip of his second term would be to Israel.

The broad attacks against Defense nominee, Chuck Hagel, venomously orchestrated from Israel, has also backfired, leaving the myth of “unbreakable alliance” between the US and Israel exposed.

The purpose of that trip will be to explain America’s new policy toward Iran.

Thus, Obama faces, not just a political opponent in Netanyahu but threatens to remove Israel’s “victimization franchise” by removing Iran as a potential threat.

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Top Senator Calls for Investigation of Bush False Flag Terror Plot

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From Veteran’s Today


by  Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Senate Judiciary Committee Chair, Patrick Leahy, Directs DOD Inquiry into Gwyneth Todd Case

Accusations have been made against two senior Navy officials that may well lead to charges of conspiracy to commit murder, treason and terrorism against the United States. 

More importantly, sources report that behind the plot that it has taken years to bring forward may well implicate former Vice President Cheney. 

Senator Leahy stated that a full investigation before the Senate Judiciary Committee will be commenced.  The Senate Judiciary states the investiation will include issues of treason and other capital crimes. 

As of this writing, the lives of all involved hang in the balance as, too often in the past, cleaning up the crimes of the Bush administration has involved “accidents” as with presidential aide John Wheeler, whose body was found in a Delaware landfill in January, 2011.

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The American “Mossad,” Rule By Deception

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From Veteran’s Today


Truth, The Highest Calling for Man


By Gordon Duff


Few understand the real crime of deception.  Deception can be simple betrayal or can be contrived to drive you to murder your friends or defend monsters. 

Military deception is called “psyops” or “psychological  operations” and is, frankly, tasked specifically with creating wrong beliefs to rob leaders or entire populations of their judgment.

A successful “psyops operation” can be more powerful than any attack.  Without firing a shot, you can seem to be defeated, be fooled into misjudging enemies and allies or be set on the path of destroying yourself.

If you are a nation, you are constantly under attack from psychological operations.  If you are a nation, it is a prime responsibility to defend your people from “psyops” attacks designed to undermine faith in institutions, to foster dissent and exploit fear or create anger and feelings of being cheated.

Today’s world view, from the economic to racial and religious to social, political and military is all hopelessly infected with calculated disinformation created in order to realign society based on belief in falsehood in order to enfeeble and enslave, to drive the civil and good to acts of bestiality through exploiting the genetic weakness Darwinists tell us is bred into man’s character, our “reptilian mind.”

Deception is the basis of any military education, the basis of business practices, the basis of diplomacy, the underlying basis of the world’s currencies and economic systems and, more than ever, how civilization with 5000 years of learning and advancement can justify unbridled killing of the innocent or “collateral” as justifiable for a “common good” none ever understand or agree to.

Recently, we have stumbled on “psyops” planned during the Bush administration through one of our associates who worked in the White House as a member of the National Security Council under Condi Rice and previously with the Clinton administration.

This is Gwyneth Todd, former Iran Desk Chief of the National Security Agency, former “Political Intelligence Chief” for the US 5th Fleet, controlling the area known as the Middle East and South Asia.

She was chief policy advisor, station in Bahrain, tasked with interpreting regional politics and helping military leaders in the region understand Iran.

Hours of public interviews with Todd over recent days has given us “insider views” into the workings of the twisted psyches of many of the most powerful figures in American military and foreign policy.   What we have learned has been frightening.

We now have written proof of not just widespread espionage rings and wars staged for profit but American officials planning terror attacks and assassinations in and around the Persian Gulf.

We have been supplied with lists of corroborating witnesses that including cabinet officers who, though nominated by the president and confirmed by the senate, were bullied and threatened by thugs and criminals who were and may well still be the real government of the United States.

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