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Canada Defeats Monsanto Seed Imperialism!

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Published on Jun 1, 2014

Grassroots activism against transgenic encroachment has paid off in Canada, where licenses for genetically modified (GM) alfalfa have been put on hold, according to new reports. Massive protests in Montreal, Levis, Quebec City, Toronto and as many as 35 other towns and cities across Canada caused U.S.-based Monsanto and Forage Genetics International, the company responsible for creating GM alfalfa using Monsanto’s technology, to have the issuance of their growing licenses delayed in accordance with the will of the people.

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Seeds Of Death Full Movie (Bio-tech Franken foods= poison, JUST… NO GMO)

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From The REAL Institute – Max Bliss

Thanks to Ron Mamita for pointing to this movie today, I thought that it should be posted outright for the people that have not seen this documentary…

Thanks Ron,

Spartan of Truth


Published on May 26, 2013

Very revealing insights to the biotech industry…..the usual suspects “…profit and control ” Trust your governments to do the right thing…by who..? We are all learning how the governments are basically there to ensure the control of the masses on behalf of the owners…the obscenely rich elites…. the controllers …those of the Committee of 300 and Bilderburg group infamy ….the richest of rich. They are the major shareholders of the corporations….they control the governments. Many know that these biotech companies have aluminium resistant seed lines but why…? It is abundant everywhere in safe form….except for the massive aerial spraying programs….Geoengineering or chemtrails…controlling the climate and changing the soils and ground water…..they the biotech companies already have the solution to the problem…..contaminate the soils so that eventually there will be no choice but to use the GMO solutions. Like the mafia only much more powerful. This excellent film exposes Monsatan and the other corporate criminals. It presents great insights and valuable information to share. Far and Wide PLEASE. Mirrored from Gary Null, thank you. Great film.
Published on 24 May 2013

In preparation of the global March Against Monsanto, you are invited to watch our award-winning documentary Seeds of Death free. – private

The leaders of Big Agriculture–Monsanto, DuPont, Syngenta–are determined that world’s populations remain ignorant about the serious health and environmental risks of genetically modified crops and industrial agriculture. Deep layers of deception and corruption underlie both the science favoring GMOs and the corporations and governments supporting them.

This award-winning documentary, Seeds of Death, exposes the lies about GMOs and pulls back the curtains to witness our planet’s future if Big Agriculture’s new green revolution becomes our dominant food supply.

A Question and Answer fact sheet deconstructing Monsanto’s GM claims and Big Agriculture’s propaganda to accompany the film is available online:

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I UV ~ Wave goodbye to global warming, GM and pesticides

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Radio wave-treated water could change agriculture as we know it. Its Irish pioneers meet Tom Prendeville

Published by the Independent on August 25, 2013


A GROUNDBREAKING new Irish technology which could be the greatest breakthrough in agriculture since the plough is set to change the face of modern farming forever.

The technology – radio wave energised water – massively increases the output of vegetables and fruits by up to 30 per cent.

Not only are the plants much bigger but they are largely disease-resistant, meaning huge savings in expensive fertilisers and harmful pesticides.

Extensively tested in Ireland and several other countries, the inexpensive water treatment technology is now being rolled out across the world. The technology makes GM obsolete and also addresses the whole global warming fear that there is too much carbon dioxide in the air, by simply converting excess CO2 into edible plant mass.

Developed by Professor Austin Darragh and Dr JJ Leahy of Limerick University’s Department of Chemistry and Environmental Science, the hardy eco-friendly technology uses nothing but the natural elements of sunlight, water, carbon dioxide in the air and the minerals in the soil.

The compact biscuit-tin-sized technology, which is called Vi-Aqua – meaning ‘life water’ – converts 24 volts of electricity into a radio signal, which charges up the water via an antennae. Once the device is attached to a hose, thousands of gallons of water can be charged up in less than 10 minutes at a cost of pennies.

Speaking about the new technology, Professor Austin Darragh says:

“Vi-Aqua makes water wetter and introduces atmospheric nitrogen into the water in the form of nitrates – so it is free fertiliser. It also produces the miracle of rejuvenating the soil by invigorating soil-based micro-organisms.

“We can also make water savings of at least 30 per cent. When the water is treated it becomes a better solvent, which means it can carry more nutrients to the leaves and stem and percolate better down into the soil to nourish the roots, which in turn produces a better root system. Hence the reason you need less water and why you end up with larger and hardier crops,” explains Professor Austin Darragh.

Extensively tested in Warrenstown Agricultural College, the technology is being hailed as a modern day miracle.

Harold Lawler is Ireland’s foremost Agricultural Specialist. As Director of the National Botanical Gardens and former Master of Agricultural Science at Warrenstown Agricultural College, he has carried out more research on Vi-Aqua growth-enhancing technology than perhaps anyone else in the world:

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2014 – Year of the Boycott?

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From Zen Gardner

by Indigoviolet

We need a Revolution, of course we do.  The question is: What can we do?

What we can do is BOYCOTT.  No energy is required to say “NO”.

For example… we can stop taking flights needlessly.  Take the train, coach, drive, or stay at home.  If we don’t want to be sexually abused, irradiated, provide iris and fingerprint scans for their databanks, do not pay to do so.  Withhold money.  Money is the only language businesses understand.  Cut off their supply until those who practise bad or unethical business cannot go on.  Tell them why.  A very brief and nonchalant email is all that is required, and it sends a powerful message.  Very soon, their bottom line will be reached.  Shareholders ‘Sell’.  Panic sets in, and then, and only then, will people be listened to – and soon.

Another example is food.  If you have a query relating to a product, find the name and email address (very easy to do) of the Managing Director or Marketing Manager of the company.  Email them, asking, for instance, “Does your product contain x?” or “Is your product GMO?”  If they don’t respond within a week or so, do it again.  (There’s no need to go to great time, trouble and expense marching around the capital with banners and be ignored deliberately anyway by the Media.)  If the company says, “No, it doesn’t contain x”, or, “No, it is not GMO”, we can thank them for replying and say we will continue to use their product.  If they say, “Yes, it does contain traces of x”, or “Yes, it does contain GMO components”, email them back and thank them for replying and tell them you will be boycotting their product/company until x is removed, or until they change their policy.  Then cut off their money supply / their lifeline.  It is important to let the company know why their profit is nosediving.  If we do this en masse, things will start to improve.

Boycott the TV.  Get rid of it.  The world will still turn.  Find healthier ways to pass the time.  Go for walks; spend time with the children.  ‘Adopt’ an elderly or disabled neighbour; offer to shop once a week for them, tidy their garden, decorate or do jobs for them.  Get the children or grandchildren involved, and give meaning to their lives.  There are many things we can do that don’t cost money or involve sitting comatosed and hypnotised and shovelling shit.

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Elizabeth Renter ~ GMOs Are NOT Safe: Scientists Signing On To GMO Dangers By The Hundreds

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Via Shift Frequency

NaturalSociety  November 13 2913

On October 21, 2013, the European Network of Scientists for Social and Environmental Responsibility (ENSSER) posted a statement, “No scientific consensus on GMO safety”, to let the world know there are some very bright minds with very real oppositions to

Dr. Belinda Martineau

genetically modified organisms. In the short time that it’s been live, the number of signatures on the statement has grown considerably to 231, including one scientist who helped to commercialize the first GM food, the Flavr Savr tomato.

Dr. Belinda Martineau is a former member of the Michelmore Lab at the University of California Davis Genome Center, where she worked on the technology for the first GM-whole food. Now, however, she isn’t so convinced about its value.

In backing the statement against GMO safety, Dr. Martineau wrote:

“I wholeheartedly support this thorough, thoughtful and professional statement describing the lack of scientific consensus on the safety of genetically engineered (GM) crops and other GM organisms (also referred to as GMOs). Society’s debate over how best to utilize the powerful technology of genetic engineering is clearly not over. For its supporters to assume it is, is little more than wishful thinking.”

Martineau isn’t alone. Numerous other esteemed scientists have stepped forward to voice their concerns with GM technology. While companies behind genetically-modified foods would have you believe there is nothing to worry about and that all GMOs are risk-free, positive additions to the food system, they simply aren’t telling the whole truth.

Scientists who add their name to the statement agree:

“We feel compelled to issue this statement because the claimed consensus on GMO safety does not exist. The claim that it does exist is misleading and misrepresents the currently available scientific evidence and the broad diversity of opinion among scientists on this issue. Moreover, the claim encourages a climate of complacency that could lead to a lack of regulatory and scientific rigour and appropriate caution, potentially endangering the health of humans, animals, and the environment.”

These scientists object to the GMO machine’s allegations that there is a consensus in the scientific community about the safety of these foods. No such consensus exists. Many scientists oppose such language because it misleads the public into thinking no risks exist when there simply isn’t enough information to call GM foods safe, and there is information to the contrary.

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Yes On 522 Is Too Close To Call

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Via Shift Frequency

FoodDemocracyNow  November 6 2013

Eternal Gratitude! There are not words enough to thank you for helping lead the fight against the most powerful and corrupt corporations on the planet. The battle for Yes on 522 is not over and the fight for GMO labeling is just beginning! We want to give you a quick update of where we stand and what will unfold over the course of the next several days, if not weeks.

Last night voters in Washington cast their final ballots for Yes on 522, the citizen-led ballot initiative to label GMOs.

Right now the election is too close to call. Washington voters finished casting their mail-in ballots at 8:00 pm PST last night and many of the most progressive precincts with likely voters for Yes on 522 have not yet been counted.

With as estimated 300,0000 votes in King County and the surrounding Seattle suburbs still outstanding, the race will tighten over the next several reporting periods. The next election updates should come between 4:30 and 6:00 PMPacific Standard Time today and up.

Several major national newspapers have called the election, but for those who remember last year in California, results on election night only continued to climb as late votes were finally counted. More than 600,000 ballots remain uncounted.

Last night, the Washington state Secretary of State’s office has the Yes on 522 campaign trailing with 45.2 percent to 54.8 percent.

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Store Hires Full-Time Employee to Keep GMOs Off Its Shelves

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From Alt Health Works

By On August 28, 2013

The health food giant Whole Foods made waves when it announced it would begin to voluntarily label all foods containing genetically modified organisms (GMOs) by the year 2018.

But one independent Florida health food store is putting the chain to shame with its current policy of hiring a full-time GMO researcher tasked with keeping all products containing the highly controversial ingredients off of its store shelves.

The store Natures Food Patch, based in the Tampa Bay area (in Clearwater), currently employs a full-time “GMO Researcher” named Patience Melton, who spoke with the website in this article.

Natures Food Patch in Clearwater, Florida has taken a stance against GMOs.

Natures Food Patch in Clearwater, Florida has taken a clear stance against GMOs.

Melton told the newspaper that it is part of the job description to contact all companies that create “health food products” to make sure there are no GMOs in their recipes.

If no response is given, the store will take to social media channels to get feedback from companies who don’t want to see their products pulled from store shelves.

According to the article, no products containing GMOs will be stocked from this point on, and products that are carried are voluntarily labeled as GMO-Free.

Smaller Health Food Stores Put Whole Foods to Shame

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Michael Snyder ~ 16 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be True

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Via Shift Frequency

The Truth  July 18 2013

Are you a conspiracy theorist?  If not, perhaps you should be.  Yes, there have certainly been a lot of “conspiracy theories” over the years that have turned out not to be accurate.  However, the truth is that a large number of very prominent conspiracy theories have turned out to actually be true.  So the next time that you run into some “tin foil hat wearing lunatics”, you might want to actually listen to what they have to say.  They may actually know some things that you do not.  In fact, one recent study found that “conspiracy theorists” are actually more sane than the general population.  So the next time you are tempted to dismiss someone as a “conspiracy theorist”, just remember that the one that is crazy might actually be you.  The following are 16 popular conspiracy theories that turned out to be true…

1. “They Put Cancer Viruses Into Our Vaccines”

When I first heard about this I did not believe it.  And of course not all vaccines contain cancer viruses.  But tens of millions of Americans did receive vaccines with cancer viruses in them, and now we have learned that even the CDC has admitted that this is true…

The CDC has quickly removed a page from their website, which is now cached here, admitting that more than 98 million Americans received one or more doses of polio vaccine within an 8-year span when a proportion of the vaccine was contaminated with a cancer causing polyomavirus called SV40. It has been estimated that 10-30 million Americans could have received an SV40 contaminated dose of the vaccine.

SV40 is an abbreviation for Simian vacuolating virus 40 or Simian virus 40, a polyomavirus that is found in both monkeys and humans. Like other polyomaviruses, SV40 is a DNA virus that has been found to cause tumors and cancer.

2. “ATM Machines Will Someday Use Facial Recognition Technology”

According to the Daily Mail, a new generation of ATM machines is being developed that will use cutting edge facial recognition technology…

Cumbersome and slow cash machines with clunky buttons and tiny hard-to-see screens could soon be a thing of the past thanks to a range of next-generation ATMs.

Ohio-based security firm Diebold has created a touchscreen cash machine that works like a tablet computer, uses facial recognition and QR codes to identify and authenticate users, and has built-in safety cameras.

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14 Year Old Responds To Billionaire Who Claims Monsanto Is A Hero

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From Collective Evolution


reachel parentKevin O’leary was recently challenged by a 14 year old GMO activist, Rachel Parent. She is the founder of She would like an opportunity to speak with him on the CBC show “The Lang and O’leary Exchange,” but I doubt she will get it.

It’s a show watched by many in Canada, placing a person of high wealth and influence in a position to speak and easily influence the minds of many without any evidence. It’s simple, someone with a voice on a major mainstream media network (who has a main anchor as a bilderberg attendee) simply speaks, and is believed by those who watch. Meanwhile, the observers never do their own research, if they did they would turn off their television right away. They call it television programming for a reason. One can easily get caught up in the program, and actually believe this subject is up for debate simply because somebody on their television is engaging the subject in a debate-like manner (monkey see monkey do). If one would really like information on GMOs, all they have to do is research it and make further connections that will provide a very large wake up call.

Putting our source of information in the hands of media corporations owned by a small group of multinational corporations (who are owned by major financial institutions) isn’t too smart, is it? Shouldn’t we be questioning what we are told instad of blindly believing things on a daily basis while unaware of the evidence that challenges their claims?

Young children all over the world should be a lesson for the older generations. As we move forward, the generations coming in are wired differently, they are able to see through the veil with ease and have a burning desire to change the planet. I think we should help them, encourage them, and let them light the way on the road to planetary change instead of forcing them into a system that does not resonate with them.

For more information about GMOs, visit Rachel’s website. That’s She is 14 year’s old and easily takes down Kevin O’leary. Collective Evolution has also covered  GMOs and Monsanto in depth. Browse through our website or use our search bar with key words like “GMO” and “Monsanto” for more information. All articles are sourced, so feel free to take a look!

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Common Dreams ~ US Corporations, GMOs Thrive Under Obama’s African Partnership

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From Common Dreams


As president pledges ‘end to famine,’ critics question push for Big Ag


– Lauren McCauley, staff writer


US President Obama takes the stage at the University of Cape Town. (Photo: Ari Shapiro via Tumblr)Rounding out his multi-state African tour Monday, US President Barack Obama pledged a new era of “partnership” with the continent, promising “an end to famine and a thriving African agricultural industry.” However, critics and food sovereignty advocates—wary of such remarks—want to know who gets to “thrive” and at what cost.

Speaking before a crowd Sunday at the University of Cape Town, President Obama touted a “new alliance of governments and the private sector” and the billions spent on agricultural research that “grows more crops”—words frequently used as doublespeak for Big Agriculture’s genetically modified organism (GMO) technology.


He said:


For one thing, we believe that countries have to have the power to feed themselves, so instead of shipping food to Africa, we’re now helping millions of small farmers in Africa make use of new technologies and farm more land. And through a new alliance of governments and the private sector, we’re investing billions of dollars in agriculture that grows more crops, brings more food to market, give farmers better prices and helps lift 50 million people out of poverty in a decade. An end to famine, a thriving African agricultural industry — that’s what opportunity looks like. That’s what we want to build with you.


“A lot of concerns are being raised in Africa around this question of food sovereignty,” Emira Woods, co-director of Foreign Policy In Focus at the Institute for Policy Studies, told The Real News Network ahead of the speech. “It sounds great when we think about this new alliance for food. You know, increasing yields, increasing productivity all sound fantastic.”

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