5 ways to tackle the mess that bees are in


The news about bees’ woes has been circulating for so long that you may have tuned it out. But we’ve also known about bee problems long enough that scientists are beginning to offer up solutions.

There seem to be several things teaming up on bees and other pollinators; one of them is a parasitic mite called the Varroa destructor. Varroa mites may have something to do with colony collapse, though that’s still a mystery. Journalist Charles C. Mann takes National Geographic readers on a tour of the ideas to make the Varroa mite less of a destructor in this article. The following five solutions are drawn from his piece.

Solution 1 — Miticide

This is the main way beekeepers deal with Varroa right now. It’s not ideal:

Most farmers facing insect issues turn to chemicals, such as the pesticides sprayed on apple trees to control maggots. Even…

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