How to Get to Sleep: Eight Tricks and Tips

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Water water every where / nor any drop to drink.

That?s the desperate lament of Samuel Coleridge?s Ancient Mariner, who watches his shipmates die of thirst after their galleon becomes stuck in uncharted waters near the equator.

The 21st-century adult can feel similar to Coleridge?s ill-fated sailor ? only the tormentor that surrounds us is not water but sleep.

Despite sleep being everywhere ? we all do it and we all talk about the amount of hours we caught last night ? none of us seem to get enough of the stuff for ourselves. Adults are recommended to sleep for seven to eight hours every night, and yet almost half of us average under six hours, according to a survey carried out by the Sleep Council in 2011.

There are two common complaints that explain this deficit: 1) there simply isn?t enough time in the day to…

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