Four TBTF Banks Threaten To Withhold Funds To Democrats Over Elizabeth Warren’s Wall Street Rants

peoples trust toronto

Submitted by Mike Krieger via Liberty Blitzkrieg blog,

Having already proven that their institutions are above the law in the aftermath of the financial crisis, executives at the ?Too Big to Fail and Jail? banks have decided it?s time to teach Senate Democrats a lesson. Not being content withtrillions in taxpayer backed bailouts to protect and further consolidate virtuallyall wealthwithintheir oligarch fiefdoms, these bankers are irate at the notion that a commoner would dare criticize their unassailable crony privilege.

However, the worst part ofthis story, is that whileWarren is harsher than most of hercompletely bought and paid for colleagues, she is still pretty meek when it comes to the big bank oligopoly. In her most misguided position, she doesn?t even support an audit of the largestorganized crime institution operating within these United States, the Federal Reserve. Oh and for those of you who will claim the Fed is already…

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