5 Million Petition Against U.S. Aggression & Interference In Venezuela

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War campaigns & propaganda keep governments in powerWar campaigns & propaganda tools keep governments in power

“By many measures, Venezuela’s economy is the most sickly in the world. From the value of its currency (sinking), to its inflation (scorching) and GDP (shrinking), Venezuela ranks at or near the bottom of just about every important financial indicator out there, performing worse even than Argentina, Greece, or Ukraine.” –qz.com

– Venezuelans Must Remedy Their Wounded Economy –

A regional armed conflict in South America is increasingly more possible as the tensions between South America and the United States escalate.
A range of Presidents, including Ecuador’s Rafael Correa and Bolivia’s Evo Morales, have issued statements in support of Venezuela. Meanwhile, Venezuela has enabled law for Venezuela’s Maduro to enact measures to protect the country against all possible aggressions by the United States. Is this their version of the war powers act?
Will Martial Law follow in Venezuela?
The People living in Venezuela

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