The End of the American Century*

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The End of the American Century*

There is only one essential factor missing from this article, America is not a sovereign state. As the military wing the so-called U.S. serves an entity long in the planning and implementation of complete global domination to the East on European shores. Only the will of the people can serve to address the balance that has never been in place since the inception of their agenda…

apocalypse-statue-of-libertyBy Eric Zuesse

On March 22nd, I headlined “Why the Western Alliance Is Ending,” and I listed the recent events which indicate that the Western Alliance doesn’t have much longer to go. And, now, it has actually already ended. The handwriting is on the wall, for everyone to see; it’s so out-in-the-open, as of today.

Here is what has just happened (as reported in German Economic News, and translated by me), which virtually brings down the curtains…

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