Central Banks Are Losing Control

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Global Central banks? reputations are on borrowed time.

ALL of the so called, ?economic recovery? that began in 2009 has been based on the Central Banks? abilities to rein in the collapse.

The first round of interventions (2007-early 2009) was performed in the name of saving the system. The second round (2010-2012) was done because it was generally believed that the first round hadn?t completed the task of getting the world back to recovery.

However, from 2012 onward, everything changed. At that point the Central Banks went ?all in? on the Keynesian lunacy that they?d been employing since 2008. We no longer had QE plans with definitive deadlines. Instead phrases like ?open-ended? and doing ?whatever it takes? began to emanate from Central Bankers? mouths.

However, the insanity was in fact greater than this. It is one thing to bluff your way through the weakest recovery in 80+ years with empty…

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