Sweating Detoxifies Dangerous Metals, Petrochemicals*

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Sweating Detoxifies Dangerous Metals, Petrochemicals*

How much is spent on looking cool when sweating becomes an inconvenience? It’s amazing how many layers of muck/cosmetics is bought to suffocate the skin and prevent it from breathing as our Creator intended. With long hot summers the temptation is great, but at what price to one’s health?

Those who dare know how much healthier their skin looks simply because they allowed their skin – a fundamental part of our immune systems to sweat. Just imagine how much money can be saved by allowing the body to do what nature intended.

By Sayer Ji

New research is revealing something remarkable about why the body sweats. Beyond its obvious role in regulating body temperature, sweating has been found to facilitate the elimination of accumulated heavy metals and petrochemicals, indicating that if we want to be healthy we should put regular effort into doing more…

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