Why the Current Financial System Will Blow Up, and What You Can Do About It


Source: Daily Reckoning.com

Once a central banker, always a central banker…

Former Reserve Bank Governor Bernie Fraser reckons the economy and consumer confidence need a boost. The only way to do so, apparently, is via an interest rate cut.

Gee, Bernie, what happened to all the former confidence boosting interest rate cuts? They didn’t work. What makes you think this one will be any different? What about the confidence sapping effect on all the people who rely on income to support themselves?

Seriously, the one-dimensional thinking of these clowns knows no limits. Here’s some more genius from Bernie…or should that be genii…there’s just so much of it? Quoted from arf.com:

The bank is going to have to do something over the next few months and I’ve always thought that you get a bit more of an impact on confidence if you get in ahead of the market. When…

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