USA Watchdog – Bill Holter-Total Chaos for Three Months After Next Crash

What in the world is going on?

By Greg Hunter’s

Financial writer Bill Holter says there is better than 60% to 70% chance that another financial calamity will hit in 2015, and it could start from anywhere in the world. Holter contends, “It doesn’t really matter where it starts. It will probably be global within less than 48 hours. The reality is it will go all the way around the world within two days because party “A” will not pay party “B” who doesn’t pay party “C” and on and on we will go. The payment chain will break. . . . I’d like to get back to the point of true and real settlement. If nations don’t settle honestly amongst each other, that is how your trade wars start. That’s how one neighbor believes another neighbor is ripping them off. This is how wars start, and that is what this is about: the rest…

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