5 Ways To Simplify, Understand & Improve Your Sex Life

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I think it?s time we spill the beans, expose our perversions, and talk about the ?F? word. One of the most commonly used words, second only to love, the realities of this natural human behaviour are usually swept under the carpet (or blanket in our case). Whatever happens behind closed doors is deemed private and hushed. It becomes ?the unspoken word.? We are confused about it and full of questions ? are we having too much, too little, too insipid, too wild, too rough, too boring, too kinky? Are we doing it the right way, the wrong way, the ?Godly? way? And so on and so forth, it goes on. It?s something we do all the time, yet so rarely talk about ? of course we want to know more about it.

But how did we make it so complex? Where did we go so wrong with something so basic, so primal, so essential?

In my country…

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