Alan Hart VT 1-28-15… “How President Obama could take on and defeat the Zionist lobby”

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“The reasons why Obama wants a comprehensive agreement with Iran… He knows that Iran is NOT developing nuclear weapons and does not want to develop them…

“Zionist lobby prisoner Obama has a complete understanding of why it is in the best interests of America that a comprehensive deal with Iran is done.

If the time comes when it seems that the Zionist lobby will have the Senate votes needed to override a presidential veto… Obama will have a choice: either to surrender to Zionism’s will and become complicit by default in the betrayal of America’s own best interests, or, to take the Zionist lobby on and defeat it.

“…he could set in motion a change of political dynamics to ensure the Zionist lobby’s defeat by taking to the bully pulpit – going over the heads of Congress with a prime time television and radio address in which he would spell…

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