Safety Code 6 = Enabling Depopulation


Dylan Eleven |

When in Canadian legal battles over cell phone radiation, smart meter radiation, cell tower radiation, the focus of the defence of the evil corporations and corrupt government lies in Safety Code 6.

The farce of Safety code 6 is why many cannot win battles legally and how the  entire cell network and smart meter network is allowed to daily polute our lives and kill us.

This is part of the depopulation agenda and is our first area we need to attack. Safety code 6 goes and the whole industry falls.

Many have proven safety code 6 to be completely useless.  A false study that only focus on heat exchange with a  dummy filled with water.   Thermal effects are noticed and agreed upon in safety code 6.  That is it.  There is no look into any non thermal effects at all.  So to blindly state its ok…

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