Images 25/1/15

Follow The Money


amen to that..

marvel-civil-war captain ameeica

captain america..i am on the side of the team with 2 eyes..


order out of chaos even..

madonna rebelheart

madonna and her chest..note the crucifix and a skull ring..

nick young swaggy p

nick young..known as swaggy-p..cute..


original poster for the jesus of nazareth movie from many years ago..


the world renowned fringe festival held in my city annually nearly always features an eye in its posters which cover buses all over the town..


historical fact..all things come to an end eventually..


a lot going on in this image..VC summed it up here:


the pyramid of german helmets assembled in new york after ww1 ended..very esoteric and what is on top?


a poster of killed pakistani students from last december featuring noah pozner, second from the right, who was also “killed” at sandy hook..the matrix has a glitch..

Ellen Allien

german musician ellen allien..not her real name..not sure what she is advertising here but…

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