China’s & Swiss’ Secret is Now Revealed…

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China Currency RMB or Renminbi is also called YuanThe Swiss National Bank were very big “supporters” of the European currency unit, amassing nearly 600 billion euros on their balance sheet.
The great instability in the currency markets was laid bare for the world to see when recently the Swiss dropped their currency peg to the Euro and saw a 30% rise in the Swiss Franc within minutes!
That severe of a major currency move has not been seen in the 21st century…
Another surprise is the old lesson to not trust anything the executives say, because it is only their actions that tell the true story: It was only 3 days prior that the SNB reassured the markets the Swiss would continue the currency Peg, and then the surprise move that dropped the peg three days later. Talk about deception!
What little amount of trust existed in the Ponzi Economy, the global monetary system, has surely evaporated as…

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