Monetary System Reform: IMF Posturing For Control of World Reserve Currency Basket

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Banking EliteWe often discuss the conspiratorial facts and speculation of the Global System of CONTROL.
Thus when respected and wealthy sources speak about it, we are delighted to call attention to it.
Once again, Martin Armstrong shares nuggets of bankers’ policies that have been discussed by conspiracy researchers. Remember it is not a Accident, it is Policy. ~Ron

One World Reserve Currency

I must take issue to the answer you gave on Jan 19th to the crypto currency and one world currency question. Mainly the first sentence. You said “ A one world currency seems to be the only POLITICAL solution”. I see that you highlighted the world political. Can you please explain your reasoning for this? My problem with a one world currency is, who would be in control of that currency the IMF? No thanks. This…

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3 Responses to “Monetary System Reform: IMF Posturing For Control of World Reserve Currency Basket”

  1. Interesting comments, don’t you think?
    I think this is evidence that we are experiencing the Age of REVELATIONS where the hidden are exposed and the TRUTH is known…

    The activities of the elite globalists are no longer ignored and unknown.

    • It feels that way yes. Something has changed in the last 4-6 months, as if the “whitehats” delivered a deciding blow and now the final battle(s) are playing out, only this time, it’s in the open for all to see…

      • Really?
        What did you read or hear the “Whitehats” doing?
        I may have missed it as I have not heard from the galactic historian, Cobra, project camelot, or other esoteric discussions lately.

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