Geopolitical Conflict: GMO Foods

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blue and red color dyes in water (plant food) blue and red color dyes in water (plant food)

War can be waged to controlCommerce: Money, Energy, Land territory, Food and Water…

“The People of Earth are being farmed, harvested and harmed as pawns in the Globalization game.”

We see contemporary conflicts are broadening in the cyber, electronic, communications, genetic, global monetary policy controls that includes all aspects of the modern society.
We see the Anglosphere of USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Great Britain controls being challenged within globalist policy making.
Below, Joseph P. Farrell shares excellent observations that GMOs are now a major geopolitical issue.

“Merkel’s government has now made it more or less an official call for the European Union to revise its policy on GMOs. Consider the wider context of similar pronouncements in Russia, which preceded more official actions by the Russian government to ban GMOs. Consider also the recent Russian shut-down…

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