A Good Way To Think About It

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It was interesting to hear, in the midst of the Davos love-fest where the world’s elite get together each year and pat each other on the back for a job well done, thatOxfam released their studystating that by next year the top 1% of humanity would own more than the remaining 99%. (Incidentally, for those interested in the topic of wealth distribution, check outthe interesting SocialTrade stack.)

When I first heard this, I kind of shrugged it off, particularly since it was accompanied by a “50/50” pie chart. Then I realized my brain was playing a trick on me. In my head, there was a “split” between the 1% (one side) and the 99% (the other), which matched nicely with the 50/50 pie chart. In other words, my brain was thinking – – ‘what’s the big deal?”

Then I crudely calculated in my head how many…

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