Oil Price Blowback: Is Putin Creating a New World Order?

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“If undercharging for energy products occurs deliberately, it also effects those who introduce these limitations. Problems will arise and grow, worsening the situation not only for Russia but also for our partners.” – Russian President Vladimir Putin
It’s hard to?

Vía Global Research http://ift.tt/13XF2Yi

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7 Responses to “Oil Price Blowback: Is Putin Creating a New World Order?”

  1. I read the report at global research:

    The report is too black and white in cheer-leading Putin as the hero.
    The facts are more nuanced as the geopolitics is more multifaceted.
    The facts missing from that report is the 2010 G20 monetary reform policy that Putin, China, BRICS and other member nations of the G20 are implementing.

    I will, from now on, keep a critical eye on everything that Mike Whitney writes because that report is so misleading that I now have suspicions about his reporting, either he is very naive or has a agenda, or both.

    You recall the economic phrase: “When the U.S. sneezes the rest of the world catches a cold”
    Dethroning the USD as the MAJOR World Reserve Currency is a herculean task and causing the U.S. to sneeze could be helpful in installing significant additional reserve currencies to play alongside the USD. The next U.S. economic crisis will see major international monetary shifts (China’s RMB, alt. credit rating agencies, alt SWIFTnet, etc.)…
    BRICS and G20 will be eagerly waiting to convene.

    • You and I have been going back and forth about Russia and the US or “West”, but I feel no closer to figuring out the answer on the Russian question. If anything, I feel it all becomes more convoluted, the more the game goes on. Simplifying it, if I was Russia, I wouldn’t want the West pivoting near me at all, so I would likely play this game the same way and block them every chance I had.

      I agree strongly with your last comments on the USD. It is a big task, for all the talk about it (the currency) already being dead, it’s not over yet. Then you have the manipulation of the currencies and markets, well, they could keep it going for as long as they see fit in order to try to install their utopia at the time they see as ripe.

      One thing I think is true, the longer they oppose each other and the World is multi-polar, the longer the “New World Order” they want is not going to come together. This gives us more time to wake others up, right?

      • Ever since 9-11 I had the sense that the plans have sped up…
        It now feels like a race:
        The AWARE People reaching the critical mass to achieve noncompliance, versus the institutional masters to “reset” their international system.

        I have not “been going back and forth about Russia and the US or “West”, as you express it.
        Perhaps I have failed in clarifying the nuanced multiplicity of international institutional control, of which all nations and all central banks are a part.

        Ultimately, time can never run out, what will happen will be a phase and a transition…
        If Russia, China (BRICS/G20) succeed then the “reset” will be cheered as a multipolar world and the next phase of the globalists’ plans will be implemented.
        But all will never be lost as long as the People have a will to be free and a desire to self govern.

        In contrast, if the globalists fail to “reset” their international system
        then the People will be rich with incentives to exercise innate creative problem solving skills with grassroots innovations and a transition in consciousness may sweep the Earth in a Great Age of personal sovereignty and new discoveries.

  2. Hmm, does “You and I have been going back and forth about Russia and the US or “West””
    have the same meaning as:
    “You and I have different views about Russia and the US or “West””

    Because I have maintained a consistent view about Putin, Xi, Russia, China, and the U.S.
    The officials use all media and all citizens for a world stage with deception and secrecy, thus no official has my Trust and I see their acts and their acting along with their costumes and scripts.
    The emperor’s new clothes reveals the bare naked truth, be it in Russia or America, or elsewhere.

    • Yes, I simply meant that we’ve been having dialogue about it… Not that we’ve been flip flopping. I realize your position, it’s me that flip flops about the plan, or the perceived plan.

      I’m not married to any view, I’m open and let it play out. If it’s bad for the people and counter-productive to our shared vision, then I don’t like, nor support it.

      • Ah, I see your meaning now.
        I have a simple wish (not easy) for the People on Earth to be FREE and skilled in self governing.
        That would be my dream come true.

        Observation of the populations reveal a severe lack in self awareness and self governance skills (not to mention awareness of the institutional deadly fraud), yet those skills can be quickly learned if but only mass media talked about it as often as they talk about entertainment celebrities.

        You posted a interesting video discussion (SGT Report & David Morgan silver investor) where I was surprised that David said 2 very interesting things:
        1. Regardless if the BRICS (Russia & China) are the good guys opposition the current destructive system, or merely another fraudulent “controlled opposition” ploy – the people may eventually win out as we do not want to be economic slaves to the system. (well not in those exact words but that was the message).
        2. David also reminded the listeners to the secret society of the Pilgrims as one of the major clubs that direct policy control the system…

        I added some content to the PILGRIM SOCIETY remark for it is a important reminder.
        The more of us who are aware the quicker that critical mass will be reached by the People on Earth to shatter institutional control over the People.
        Never too late for the People to be FREE

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