How Fix the World Gives Back. The Alchemy of Giving and Kiva Loans.

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FTW Gives back Logo What is the Alchemy of Giving? A Key Factor in New Paradigm Business.

In the work that we have done over the last 2 years, FTW has discovered that an ‘alchemy of giving’ seems to naturally occur. It is possible that one can “tap into” an abundant energy field through their behaviors and intentions.

There is an area of the brain that does not recognize time or objects rather, it only recognizes energy flow. When it comes to concepts of giving and receiving, what this means is that this area of the brain does not recognize if one is giving to oneself or to another person. It only recognizes the energy of giving. And giving and receiving are the same energy frequency.

With this understanding, if one expects to receive, one should practice the behavior of giving in order to tap into the energy frequency of receiving. This is…

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