Preston James VT 1-2-15… “Wanta Plan must be Deployed Now !”

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veterans_today_banner_NEW_15veterans_today_preston_james_banner_18Perhaps it will come to pass that this plan will be part of the overall global effort to clean up and reclaim this planet. We shall see.


Wanta Plan must be Deployed Now !

The Wanta Plan to Revitalize and Re-industrialize America is ready to deploy and Ambassador Lee Wanta is ready to make sure it is done right using his vast fortune.

Wanta 1In 2010 Ambassador Wanta prepared his Plan for the Revitalization and Re-industrialization of America and submitted it to the US Administration.

Had it been deployed, the American Economy would now be in a very strong recovery with two million new good paying job opportunities and no National Debt left. Massive hope and excitement for the future would have been ignited in the hearts of the unemployed, downbeat and discouraged. Within several years there would have been good job opportunities for everyone able and willing to work.

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One Response to “Preston James VT 1-2-15… “Wanta Plan must be Deployed Now !””

  1. johnhartyoung Says:

    Dear Dr. James ~ since Mr. Wanta is still being denied access to his money, what exactly do you suggest can be done to expedite the judicial process necessary to make his great plan a reality? How precisely can We The People, create conditions to make the plan ready to implement? I agree with “Klaatu Aquinus.” It is probably going to take massive, legal, military action by the armed forces of the United States of America, against “enemies both foreign and domestic,” to restore the Constitution, before this kind of corrective social justice can occur.

    Prior to this fateful, revolutionary event, it seems that if there is any hope in what is left of our democratic process, we must work at breaking the monopoly of the corporation-controlled two-party system in the next Presidential election cycle! By concentrating on ways to force both major parties to accept national debates that are open to the minor parties and even to candidates who actually do not affiliate at all with any political party. Bill Clinton won the White House with 42% of the vote. This shows that with a meaningful, populist, independent candidacy, like the role that Ross Perot had in 1992, those rare multi-party challenges can force a somewhat unexpected outcome.”

    As Thomas Paine said: “These are the times that try men’s souls!” It is time once more for Constitutionalists of all stripes to back the candidacy of true patriots who can seriously challenge the Corporate-Oligarchy by tapping into the revolutionary fury that lies just below the surface of a significant proportion of the American electorate. Personally I like Governor Jesse Ventura’s idea that we should elect someone not represented by any political party. George Washington was the last chief executive of our nation to have that distinction. We need an insurgency Presidency. General Wesley Cark or Governor Gary Johnson would also seem to be excellent choices.

    To approach this problem forthwith, I suggest that the important leaders of the alternative freedom and truth movements in the USA, who have real intelligence sources to back up their claims, start to publicly and privately reach out and communicate directly with each other in order to find common ground for concerted action. A uniting of disparate intellectual forces needs to take place. Brainstorming like never before needs to happen. There are so many great people speaking out and publishing different angles on the truth. For instance – it would be great to see the results of deep conversations between Preston James, Gordon Duff, Jim Dean, Kevin Barret and James Fetzer on the VT side, with representatives from the more esoteric and philosophical sides of the American alternative research community such as David Ray Griffen, Joseph P. Farrell, Katherine Austin Fitts, Richard Dolan, David Wilcock, Kerry Cassidy, Andrew Basagio, etc… These are all extremely qualified experts especially regarding the ET issue. If consensus on key issues could be reached, plans of unified action developed and then communicated factually to open minded or more fully informed political leaders, this might lead to very positive synergistic energy that could become a catalyst for a new political paradigm. To get these sorts of creative syncretism going in England it would be most advisable to have long talks with Timothy Good and Simon Parkes. These are my suggestions. What are yours?

    We desperately need true statesmen, to leave the major monopoly-parties and affiliate with a new force for the restoration of Constitutional law in our benighted nation, long subjugated by “enemies both foreign and domestic.”

    I respect you VT guys but according to the top brass there, our political system has gone way beyond repair. All the talk and the articles you publish are fine but isn’t it time for something more? So then, please tell us, what hope is there? What can we do to return to real representative democracy?

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