5 Common Mistakes That Can Ruin The Health Benefits Of Salad

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Salad, the go-to staple for everyone?s healthy food choice and the sure-fired way to get our raw-food intake for the day. But as refreshing and nutritious as a salad can be, sometimes they are merely a clever disguise for a bowl of belly-fat.

Most people looking to maintain a slim figure know to avoid creamy dressings such as ranch or caesar, but what many may not realize is that exactly how you are building your salad could also be directly sabotaging your fitness goals.

In her article, The Five Biggest Salad Mistakes You Are Making, nutrition editor Cynthia Sass reveals that even the simplest thing, such as an insufficient variety of greens, can be keeping your salad from being the nutrition powerhouse that it should be.

When I talk to my clients about how they build salads, I often find that they’re doubling up in some areas, and missing out in…

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