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(Above: We don?t negotiate with terrorists ? we fund them with your tax dollars.)

by Alison Weir

Journalist and founder and Executive Director of If Americans Knew and president of The Council for National Interest.

“Neoconservative” is the somewhat misleading term for an increasingly influential group in Washington these days largely responsible for the push toward war in the Middle East.

Previously terming themselves “leftists,” and now calling themselves “conservatives,” in actuality neo-cons seem to be neither. Rather, their ideology largely revolves around passionate devotion to Israeli interests.

Not long ago some of these “neoconservatives” wrote position papers for Israeli politicians. Now they are occupying a growing number of top-level and mid-level positions in the US government. They seem to consider Israeli interests synonomous with American interests. Most American policy experts disagree.

Following are articles from former CIA analysts, Pentagon officers, and journalists describing the activities…

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