BRICS Post 12-27-14… “BRICS most important element of global governance”

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brics_2014_group BRICS Summit participants: Vladimir Putin, Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi, President of Brazil Dilma Rousseff, President of China Xi Jinping and President of South Africa Jacob Zuma in Fortaleza, Brazil on 15 July 2014 [PPIO] Nothing more have I to add to the quotes below, which “make” me “glad”.

“Moscow has prioritised “efforts to transform the BRICS into one of the most important elements of the system of global governance” as part of a major foreign policy impetus…

“BRICS agreed on the structure of a $100 billion development bank, which will have its headquarters in China and with India holding its first rotating presidency.

“Russia has spoken “with one voice with its partners in the BRICS for the promotion of international stability in its various dimensions” said the Russian Foreign Ministry statement on Saturday.

“…Russia will supply coal and electricity to Ukraine without advance payment as a goodwill…

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One Response to “BRICS Post 12-27-14… “BRICS most important element of global governance””

  1. I will paraphrase my friend Ron Mamita; Any solution as a part of a new world/ banking system, that does not abolish fractional reserve banking, is but new cloths on the emperor!

    Change in this world will not come, unless we do away with the scam of fractional reserve banking and the original enslavement of humanity.

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