Children Are Leading The Cord Cutting Revolution


Source: TechDirt, by Karl Bode, 12/2014

The cable industry has long pretended that the cord cutting phenomenon either isn’t real or that the only people cutting the cord are aging losers living in their parents’ basement. Of course when you actually look at the data, while cord cutting remains a slow but growing phenomenon, most of the cord cutters are young, highly educated, employed, and make a good amount of money. As it turns out, you’ll be surprised to note these folks are having children — and these children are also starting to prefer on demand, a la carte services like Netflix instead of traditional cable.

For a few years now data has shown that Netflix is really eating the lunch of channels like Nickelodeon, given that toddlers in particular don’t really care if they’re watching the latest and greatest “True Detective” episode or not, and…

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