The Global Hegemony Is Like A 24,000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Ronmamita's Blog

I woke this morning thinking about missing pieces of the puzzle.
We invite your participation and we need global assistance.
Obviously, the United Nations-members, Globalists, Agreements, and Money Cartel are major pieces, but there are missing pieces, and where those pieces are hidden is speculation. Maybe those pieces are underground & undersea, covert & black ops, or off planet?
One of our mottos is Awareness begins with conscious intention of noticing what is in front of your face. And be sure to frequently look up, down, and turn around 😉
The beliefs and the obvious, are often the most overlooked mistakes and impediments to increased awareness. Remove the indoctrinations & blind-spots to advance forward.
This is why, years ago, we labelled our efforts the global dialogue. A global puzzle requires a global effort.
We welcome and appreciate everyone’s research, as it reveals more of the pieces to…

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