MH370 was ‘shot down by US military’, claims former French airline boss

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A former French airline CEO Marc Dugain claims that the US may have shot down Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 and then covered it up, adding to a rash of conflicting theories about the missing plane.
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3 Responses to “MH370 was ‘shot down by US military’, claims former French airline boss”

  1. Oh my, more undocumented lack evidence theories!
    I followed the RT source link:
    “France’s news in English”
    They are quoting “Beforeitsnews” and other theories…
    I am disappointed, because what we need are witnesses’ affidavits, original shipping manifests, radar/avionics/voice communications recordings and a host of recorded data that are being withheld by officials.

    I leaped on these links from your post because earlier today, we were talking about “ill fallen Malaysia Airlines” and their country’s Lawful conviction of the Bush War Crimes Regime…

    I was hoping for some synchronicity revelations.
    This is the Age of Revelation, after all.
    Now when Malaysia Airlines revelations comes forth it will feel like Déjà vu

    • I posted it because it was from RT, I guess they’re slipping? I haven’t had much luck with Before it’s News…

      • Yes, I do not want to rain down on beforeitsnews because they serve as a popular repository of social media.
        It is like wikipedia in that regard. A excellent place to begin a research, but not a definitive resource to conclude anything.

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