Death By Medicine – US Congress on Drugs

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Death by Medicine

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Source – Life Extentions Magazine

Complete Death By Medicine Study(PDF)

By Gary Null, PhD; Carolyn Dean MD, ND; Martin Feldman, MD; Debora Rasio, MD; and Dorothy Smith, PhD

“The most stunning statistic, however, is that the total number of deaths caused by conventional medicine is nearly 800,000 per year. 

It is now evident that the American medical system is the leading cause of death and injury in the US “

A group of researchers meticulously reviewed the statistical evidence and their findings are absolutely shocking.  These researchers have authored the following article titled “Death by Medicine”that presents compelling evidence that today’s health care system frequently causes more harm than good.

  • This fully referenced report shows the number of people having in-hospital, adverse reactions to prescribed drugs to be 2.2 million annually.
  • The number of unnecessary antibiotics prescribed for viral infections is 20 million per…

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