Thrive Movement – Free Energy, Open Source and 3D Printing

What in the world is going on?

Published on Dec 20, 2014

What do Open Source and 3D printing have to do with getting new energy technologies out to the world? An excerpt from our ThriveTogether event.…

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One Response to “Thrive Movement – Free Energy, Open Source and 3D Printing”

  1. I experienced a sense of unease on day one when Foster Gamble first announced his conversion to the conspiracy research and launched the “Thrive Movement”.
    Of all the deceptions to be revealed about possible “agents” in disguise and disinformant-prominent-iconic-people in the “awake” community, the first to be discovered , I expected to be the Gamble family.
    Having inherited wealth, fame, and fortune they have a hurdle to pass prior to gaining my trust.

    That has been and still is my “wait and see” attitude with the
    “Thrive Movement” campaign.

    Glad, I am, that their fame parroting the conspiracy research and creative efforts of others is reaching great magnitudes of people, that in turn is bringing more of the sleeping masses to a state of awakening.
    Trust the Gamble family, I do not.

    The P2P networks, GNU, FSF, 3D printing, free source, and its cousin “open source” are all helpful to the creative people and networks working from home and on shoe-string budgets.

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