Terrorism and the Evolution of Deception




Kevin Ryan  12/6/14

Politicians and pundits often use terrorism to promote the interests of their financiers. This fear mongering goes hand in hand with attempts at war profiteering, population control, and the concentration of political power. What many are beginning to discover is that deception is integral to the success of the terrorism business. That is, the official accounts of terrorist events are typically fraught with omissions of fact and the concealment of clues that point to the involvement of more powerful people. The success of these false accounts reveals important aspects of human nature and points to ways in which thoughtful people can help to overcome such challenges.

There will always be a few people greedy enough to lie to others for personal gain, but we can live with this. What we can’t live with is large numbers of people lying to themselves because habitual self-deception is fatal…

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2 Responses to “Terrorism and the Evolution of Deception”

  1. Speaking of deception:
    Institutional governance is a deception, by definition.
    To amend the Dune movie quote:
    “I see plans within plans.”
    I see hidden plans within international monetary policy plans.
    The tandem markets movement, controlled?
    Between cartels and market manipulators such as OPEC, PPT, FSB, and others why are the markets allowed to plunge?
    The planned dates for OPEC and IMF in summer 2015, coincidental?
    You know the saying about coincidences in politics and banking?

    in case you have not seen the Dune movie, below is the quote.

    The sleeper(s) MUST AWAKEN!

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