Putin Defiant, Lashes Out At West, Tells Russians Economy May Stay Weak For Two Years

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Having started at noon Moscow time (4am Eastern), Putin’s annual Q&A run for a massive three and a half hours, during which the Russian leader took numerous questions from the public and as expected, reiterated the key “rally around the flag” talking points that have permeated Russian rhetoric over the past few weeks as the economic situation in Russia deteriorated.

As Bloomberg notes, the conference was attended by hundreds of reporters and carried live on television around the world, the event took on heightened importance this year as the president sought to reassure a Russian public unnerved by the ruble’s plummet.

While he did acknowledge the difficult economic reality, Putin sought to reassure his countrymen that the current weakness “would last no longer than two years.” Putin promptly pivoted against the west and accused the U.S. and European Union of trying to undermine his country and blaming external factors…

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2 Responses to “Putin Defiant, Lashes Out At West, Tells Russians Economy May Stay Weak For Two Years”

  1. I want to inform you of 2 important news reports, one relevant to this report above, and the second is causing suffering:
    1. http://gizadeathstar.com/2014/12/russia-sanctioned-not-well-not-according-lockheed-boeing-not-space/
    Could this be evidence of a breakaway Civilization, or merely duplicity as I often point to in my reports about the bloodline elites maintaining their slave colony.

    2. http://ronmamita.wordpress.com/2014/12/20/notice-of-suspension-of-all-kevin-annett-programming-by-exopoliticstv/

    This is a report of betrayed trust, fraud, money and sex…
    The former priest, apparently, has gone wild with unbridled lust and luxurious exuberance.

    • Thanks for the articles Ron, I reblogged the story on Annett, for clarity’s sake.
      The Russian article was interesting, but muddies the waters more in this line of thinking. It points to the hypothesis that there is some cooperation between Russia and US corporations in some capacity, but leans towards the difficulties between the two countries being political theatre or just playground nonsense.

      I mean, I wouldn’t want to be forced to play by rules that were made for me, but who knows what reports are true these days.

      Interesting that both you and I have focused a lot on this feud and have been up and down on what’s what. I’ve resolved myself to just letting it play out and enjoy the quest for the truth. Thanks for being a part of that Ron.

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