When The Financial Centers’ Computers Are Ready The Yuan Will Be Accepted As A World Reserve Currency

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{Important Note: Reviewing and forecasting the institutions’ plans is not a endorsement. The fact that the member nations are not planning to abolish fractional reserve banking means their plans continue to be a destructive, debt based system.}
The growing number of RMB Bilateral Swap Agreements between the People’s Bank of China and central banks around the world have rapidly been implementing transaction centers in various financial districts in many nations to transform the Chinese Yuan into a “freely usable” currency.
Many nations are clearly desiring to transition out of the 70 year U.S. Dollar reign as the world’s reserve currency, the BRICS embrace a “multipolar” monetary system and strengthen the “United Nations at its center and foundation“.
My forecast is that the IMF will eventually accept the yuan (RMB) along with the dollar (USD), and euro; with or without the U.S. votes in the IMF.

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2 Responses to “When The Financial Centers’ Computers Are Ready The Yuan Will Be Accepted As A World Reserve Currency”

  1. This Monetary System is connected to many destructive and fraudulent elements of society, not only governance, finance, and business organizations…
    Someone commented with an analogy about the unaware citizens, saying:
    “In 2004, a tsunami hit Indonesia killing an estimated 150,000 people. Before the wave struck the coastline, the sea was sucked away from the shore. People there stood in amazement seemingly wondering as to what they were witnessing all before being struck by a wave that sweep them away.
    … are we watching the sea being sucked away before we are struck by a great wave?”

    Thank you for being here and for Sharing knowledge, awareness, alarms, and preparations before the next institutional crisis strikes.

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