Financial Terrorist Institutes Trading Collars For Precious Metals, Oh My!

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Below are many warnings, please share and continue researching.
Keep in mind that many assets and commodities prices are manipulated on the speculative markets.
That includes Stocks, Oil, Gold, national currencies, and other important value exchanges.
Also keep in mind that central banker Greenspan implied that the FED was not controlled by the U.S. President but is never the less controlled by others…
Not an accident, but by Policy:
The next market collapse will not be a surprise as the global crisis continues… ~Ron
Russian Economist, Mikhail Khazin, has some interesting views via
“There is a law that states that the Central Bank is independent of the government. Theoretically, the Central Bank has the right to set its own monetary and money creation policy. However, there are two limitations. The first is the IMF policy. Since the Russian Federation signed an agreement with this organization, the…

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