Rigging Justice: More Tales of the New Oligarchy and the Supreme Court


Source: Jesse’s Café Américain

The power of Big Money is often ostentatious, heavy with sanctimonious ceremony and media envy, but sometimes it is even more powerfully subtle. The Supreme Court has a limited docket, and apparently a penchant for choosing certain lawyers of repute to bring cases before them. So Big Money hires those lawyers.

The people tend to vote for the less repugnant of the choices that the two political parties in their elections. So Big Money gets ahead of the curve and pre-selects the candidates from the two major parties. How can you fail to win the debate when you frame the questions, pick the debaters, and control how it is reported and scored? Where are the great minds, the outstanding leaders, the moral beacons? Has greed overwhelmed all virtue, leaving only shallow passions and self-deceptions? Have we become an audience of cynical voyeurs in a digital Colosseum?

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