But, but… why be confrontational?

2 Responses to “But, but… why be confrontational?”

  1. I am convinced when opposition and resistance becomes popular and various segments of the population express different kinds of resistance, the transition may be nearing the next Age.
    For example some people will implement armed resistance, some people will implement legal challenges in courts, some may implement alternatives as community solutions, and there may be other forms and expressions of resistance.
    At that time the police-state could be declaring martial law or war, to enforce their authoritarian rules with brutal force.

    The reason I am convinced that the above are likely activities is because the policy makers are determined to follow their scripts to the bitter end in the desire to exert control and domination…
    At this transitional epoch sociopathic control freaks believe they should be in control even if they have to declare war. It is their system and they believe their orders will be followed and obeyed.

    • “They” must be very worried, people are waking up in droves. An example would be the protests, they are getting more bold and lasting longer. The protests that are currently taking place against police brutality appear to be legit and sustaining.

      People are ready for the shift I think…

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