QEG Canada: Soon to Master Distribute Keshe Foundation Technologies!


CO2 Capture Kit soon to be Available!

8e55276f74153ce9d2ac1e97fc528007QEG Canada (master distributors for Omega Quantum) is looking for localized distributors who are interested in distributing Keshe Foundation technologies that will be mass produced by Omega Quantum (official manufacturer of Keshe technology products in China).

The first of many Keshe technologies that will be available via QEG Canada is Keshe’s CO2 Kit. This inexpensive affordable kit enables one to extract CO2 from the environment and converts it into usable plasma. The plasma is an incredible energy source.

Specific details about the kit, a video and other important information that will answer all questions, will soon be put up on QEG Canada’s website.

The CO2 kit will be ready for distribution the first week of January 2015. The kit has many applications that will be discussed in the video on QEG Canada’s website. Briefly, the kit can create different types of plasmas that…

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