Martin Armstrong Calls It Slavery: U.S. Own Citizens as Property

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14July2014_Record Tax Profits
Many of us have called it “slavery” over the decades, and I am merely pointing to this growing awareness by both the working masses and executives.
The U.S. government is collecting record amount of taxes, yet the government’s spending and debts also continue to reach new record highs!
Tax revolts have been recorded in the past, will it be so again?

You control the debt, you control everything.
[…] This is the very essence of the banking industry: To make us all slaves to debt.”

It is no longer a mystery why nations are preparing for WAR.
Remember: All Wars Are Bankers’ Wars. ~Ron

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USA – Is It time to turn off the lights?

Posted on December 1, 2014 by Martin Armstrong

We have a very serious problem with taxation.
Only the United States and Japan regards its citizens as state property…

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