VIDEO Billy Corgan Responds to Anderson CIA Cooper Hit Piece

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Anderson Cooper Paws Chicago
Singer issues sharp rebuke in the form of strongly-worded t-shirt
November 28, 2014 by Adan Salazar

CNN anchor and former CIA intern Anderson Cooper recently took aim at The Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan for having the audacity to use his celebrity status in the name of good.

On a recent segment of Anderson Cooper 360 (see bottom of article), the Yale alumnus took Corgan to the proverbial woodshed because the 1979 singer dared to appear on the cover of PAWS Chicago magazine, a publication which focuses on trying to reduce the killing rate of homeless animals in the city by promoting pet adoption.

Despite Corgan’s music career being far from over, Cooper told his meager audience it appeared as though the Pumpkins’ singer was becoming out of touch with what it means to be a “rock star”:

“So perhaps Billy Corgan is I don’t know, off his alternative rocker…

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