Hope Girl Blog: The One Network Speaks Out on the OPPT

The difficulty of trying to sift through the agendas and the bullshit are ever present. Disinformation is 90-95% truth, so it’s imperative to keep those discernment meters running at peak performance.

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Hope Girl Blog: The One Network Speaks Out on the OPPT
November 30, 2014

On Thanksgiving day, in one of the bravest interviews I’ve seen in a long time, Lisa Harrison, Brian Kelly, Dani, Mel Batty, and Mel V gave a no-holds-barred personal testimony regarding OPPT filings and their creator Heather Ann Tucci Jarraf.

The “OPPT Filings” are a set of documents that were filed with the UCC (Universal Commercial Code) that allegedly foreclosed on all world governments and restored the value of monetary and banking systems back to the people. In December of 2012 several alternative media groups were used to spread awareness of the filings via the internet. This resulted in as many as 20 million people having an awareness of the OPPT filings around the globe.

Two years later, millions of people have attempted to use the filings to stop the oppression of the governments…

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