Canada Preparing to Expand its Role in Mideast War

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Recent media reports confirm Canada’s Conservative government is preparing to significantly expand the Canadian Armed Forces’ (CAF’s) role in the new US-led war in the Middle East.
According to a Canadian Broadcasting Corporation ( CBC) report, Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s?

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9 Responses to “Canada Preparing to Expand its Role in Mideast War”

  1. Oh Canada!
    So sad to see this. The order followers, esp. those in uniforms, need to be reached with AWARENESS and stop obeying orders.

    Anyone have friends or relatives in uniform (Military, police, or security)?

    Have you reached out to their conscience?

    Please remind them, they do have a choice to quit.

  2. I read this and thought of you:
    Ottawa to spend $200 million on mental health for military

  3. I continue to think about the new booming, post 9/11, Afghanistan Poppy farms-International Drug crime syndicate blatant use of U.S.-NATO military and now their poppy crop is promoted in the medical profession more broadly than ever before!

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