Detailed Discussion Of Globalist Monetary System Reform

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Brisbane G20 Summit Photo
“Never allow a crisis to go to waste” or better yet, Create a crisis to officially declare an emergency to justify your power grabbing solution to a shocked and mass media blitzed, propagandized, captive audience of citizens…
So much has been revealed about the cultural engineering, black-ops, false flags, central bank financed wars, and hidden agendas of the global ruling elite’s use of policy makers in the various institutions that it is useful to revisit what should be widely known discussions of destructive agendas by policy makers.
Below is such a discussion that reviews much of our previous posts in a welcomed short single post.
The discussion below is similar to the many discussions we have had over the years about the false security solutions offered by institutions, and hope brought by the BRICS multipolar currency reform.
All of them are loyal obedient order followers, or untrustworthy, control freaks, career…

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