The Multipolar NWO Will Seem Like Heaven… At First

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When the New World Order finally comes into full public view, it will look attractive and inviting … not ugly and scary…

Yesterday, a reader wrote me the following…

“I am optimistic that things aren’t as bad as they seem, because enough people are able to find their way out of the infantile drama you have portrayed, and the illuminati are simply tripping up as they flounder and we show their flailings about. We actually have a choice down the middle, and that is to clean up the corruption in the international financial system and take back our world. We will not have a one world currency. We will abolish legal tender laws, and use the world’s gold on deposit in the trust called the Global Debt Facility to replace paper currencies in each country with national currencies in aurum, putting the central…

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12 Responses to “The Multipolar NWO Will Seem Like Heaven… At First”

  1. The above report is similar to the discussions we have had over the months about the false security and hope brought by the BRICS multipolar currency reform.

    Recall the key absence of abolishing fractional reserve banking and usury from the creation of currencies (money and financial paper).

    The above discussion said:
    “…presupposes that the international financial system started out as something good and became corrupted, and such a view has no basis in reality. The international financial system was purpose-built as a slavery system by the International Central Banking Cabal. It cannot be “cleaned up” or “reformed” into something good…”

    “The international financial system IS corruption; it is corruption incarnate. We must simply walk away from it and build our own system of trade, starting at the local level with our own neighbors, then networking peer-to-peer until there is a true (decentralized) global community. If we don’t build our own financial system, we will use theirs by default, and then we’ll be stuck in yet another of their growth and harvest slavery cycles.”

    That succinctly sums up my conclusion as well.
    China, Russia, Brazil, et al, all have active institutions opposing the liberty and personal sovereignty of their population (“Citizens”).

    WHERE is a nation showing some encouraging leadership BY EXAMPLE?

    There may be some, but those examples in leadership are not in the BRICS policy of monetary reform.
    Iceland and Hawai’i comes to mind in a dynamic struggle with the fraudulent control system.

    • This is why I posted it, you had popped into my mind immediately…

      BRICSA could be used as a counter weight right now, then, the people could keep the pressure on after the defeat of the Fed boys.

      Unless the BRICSA reforms due to the pressure, it too will perish. The people can’t relent and settle for new cloths that hide the weight, we have to get on the treadmill and actually lose all the unwanted fat! Only then will we have the life we all want.

      Personal sovereignty for all humanity…

      • There is my earlier comment waiting in the que for your approval release.

        I do not see a way to use money masters’ BRICS gang against itself.
        I put great effort in thought and the only path I can identify, is highly improbable, requires insiders or a militant arm to take it over from the current bosses…

        There is no signs of that happening, yet it is possible.
        Behind the closed doors of geopolitics we know not what is hidden.

  2. PS: Recall I also mentioned the fact that China has been a long standing member of the IMF, since 1945, and the above discussion also retrieves the China archives “spilling the beans”:

    “Entrusting part of the member countries’ reserve to the centralized management of the IMF will not only enhance the international community’s ability to address the crisis and maintain the stability of the international monetary and financial system, but also significantly strengthen the role of the SDR.”

    It is no mystery why the RMB (Yuan) is being RAPIDLY touted as the major currency for trade, along side or as an alternative to the U.S. Dollar.
    A feat that could ONLY be accomplished with the agreement of the international monetary system policy makers (aka Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, HSBC, Deutsche, BOE, BIS, IMF, Federal Reserve and et al) for they control the telecommunication links and financial computers that clears the financial centers.

    I have of course question my own hypothesis and asked myself why would the BRICS need their own independent internet, SWIFT, and banks in an apparent opposition to the WEST’s?

    The answer could be in the word “APPARENT”.
    What if BRICS banks and internet is not an opposition?
    They, BRICS, themselves have publicly stated they are not an opposition but rather a augment to the system.
    It may be possible that they are indeed a redundancy and a price competitor that is beneficial in baiting the emerging markets (nations) into the system that is spun as the new solution of multipolarity.

    • Putin has stressed this point over and over, that he won’t stop until there is no doubt that we have a multi-polar world. So no centralized power?

      Maybe China is making it appear that they are continuing to follow the Cabal plan, but will double cross? I mean, what do they have to fear now? Militarily, Russia and China are now superior to the US in my opinion, even with the help of Britain and Canada. Germany is turning towards the BRICSA, so is France, whether they know it or not.

      It’s about survival of those other countries and they’re picking sides right now, which would you pick?

      But…… We can’t totally rule out a unification of the Cabal either, as you hypothesize. The hardest part is waiting and watching this play out. People are suffering! I hate it…

      • LOL, we passed each other in writing replies 🙂

        China hasn’t shown much nurturing of personal sovereignty with their population, yet it is good they restrict some GMO products…

        Putin, ditto…

        Again i do not see evidence of the Calvary riding to the rescue.

        • Based on the evidence, no, you’re right. Remember though, with Putin, I have only a hunch, gut feeling or intuition about this. I have no idea how it’s going to play out, but we are expecting a global shift to a golden age, are we not?

  3. My “Gut” hunch about Putin is
    He knows what is ahead, he has seen the full script and action plan.
    He is committed to playing it out as he has a hero’s role in the script acting.
    The removal of the U.S. Dollar reserve currency status takes time as does the demonization/alienation of some players/factions.
    *(NOTE: Putin could have pulled the nation’s currency “Ruble” out of the dollar peg, why hasn’t he? Recall PhD. PCR criticism of Putin for enduring the unecessary suffering at the ruthless hands of Washington and Wall Street.) Strangely, the PCR criticism of Putin-video was marked private by RT and thus has less viewership, make of that what you will…

    Evidence was seen that a plan was in effect prior to Obama’s 1st Pres. term (news release 2008) that Ukraine rebellion would take place (wall street funds), thus Putin has played the “scripted role” of non-aggressor, he protected Crimea, and he valiantly stands up to the combined military might of the U.S./NATO/E.U. economic sanctions – heroic and epic stuff! The international community cheers!
    Only one problem: it was all staged, preplanned, fine political acting, and real tragic killing and deaths.
    Obama has a bad role to play and he is not enthusiastic nor very effective, no matter he and his family are still alive…

    Others have also aligned to this geopolitical scripting” (scapegoating & saviors) one example is explained rather effectively with these comments:

    “You have to break a lot of eggs to make an omelet, and you have to lay down mountains of bodies and oceans of blood to impose a world government. Therein lies a problem for the globalists: after doing all the terrible things necessary to pressure the peoples of the world into your new order, how do you get them to accept it as the solution to all their problems instead of seeing it for what it really is (the source of all their problems)?
    You institute a change in management, that’s how.

    To make the change in management work requires an extensive perception management campaign.
    You must get people to invest all of their grievances into the existing management (the scapegoats) while simultaneously investing all of their hopes into the new management (the saviors).
    And once people see the scapegoats as the source of all evil and the saviors as the source of all good, the saviors must be seen to forcefully wrest control of the global government from the goats.
    If the handover of power were easy and orderly, it wouldn’t look as real to the people.”


    • It’s hard to look at it from a perspective of not knowing what is going on, or at least already see through the racket/ slavery system. I sometimes forget that it’s the majority of the population that doesn’t see what is going on. You know, the reason you and I and so many others are trying to get the word out.

      I don’t disagree with you, Putin is a fine actor. David Wilcock explains the hero/ villain script very well in his book “the Synchronicity Key”. I could be misunderstanding my intuition, as I’m focused on victory and to be honest, I don’t care how we win, as long as we do. We all should be the hero, all 7 Billion of us, but that’s a pipe dream…

      • The rule of thumb:
        P.R. and corporate control media will skillfully stage cameras and settings for the officials who then recite their script, ahem, rhetoric to the audience.
        That is the acting and will always be the acting, with or with out teleprompters and prepared speeches.
        I smile now when I think of Putin one of the few politicians that often do not read from a teleprompter, again setting him apart from the puppets in Washington.

        The public rarely sees the transcripts of the behind closed doors of the g20, g7, and other exclusive club, err… finance meetings.
        Transcripts of the minutes available to the public is only a pipe dream anyway, because how could we trust them to be accurate recordings of the meetings, besides, how could they ever hope to pass horrendous trade agreements such as NAFTA, TTP, and others under the glaring illumination of TRUTH?
        This is the real reason for secrecy. The public must never know the TRUTH.

        I now look at the institutional meme (aka geopolitics, monetary system and globalization) not in terms of “winning”, but rather in terms of awareness and action.
        As in, people creating new careers and vocations.
        People quitting the corporate-government jobs.
        People leaving the military & police.
        People implementing open/free source solutions, sharing their stories/experiences.
        I expect the P2P networks to grow and that decentralized social technology will broaden society and communities into more decentralization efforts without the blessings of institutions…
        This kind of new trend would not focus on the institutions but rather on the People on Earth, en masse with their innovative problem solving skills.

        Rather than winning it is a transformation and a evolution, a different society.
        It is also uneven, meaning that some segment of the population will not embrace this social trend and could continue to rely on institutions for their solutions. This is when I see it getting messy because the institutions are the control meme and they can not survive without exerting their control and new policies on that trending segment of the population.
        It could become a state sponsored bloody transition; which is why I do not call it winning and more as inevitable evolution.

        That vision also helps to calm me down as the pace is rather slow as my mortality appears to be racing against that slow pace of transition to a prosperous era.

        I enjoyed the discussion, have a good night!

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