Consciousness Shift: More Executives Looking Within Finding Awareness To Become The Change They Wish To See In The World

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Each year we see more officials, executives and career professionals wake up to evidence of the systemic fraud and corruption that moves them to deeper awareness and inner vision…
We Thank Chris Martenson and his collaborative associates for sharing their discussion.
This is Evolutionary
I see change.
Changes are becoming more pronounced, disruptive…
Perhaps, too subtle for some, yet the collective effect shall create the prosperous Earth we dream about.
This is not another revolution, it is planetary evolution
The unaware says nothing has changed, the defeatist says nothing will change, while the aware look, search, create and find Change.
Change in themselves and in the world.
We Are The Change we have been searching for. ~Ron
This week’s podcast delves into matters of the inner self.

Here at Peak Prosperity, we follow a lot of the problems and challenges of the world around us and explore what can…

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