Campaign for Liberty to Congress: Preserve Internet Freedom

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Campaign for Liberty has joined a collation of free-market groups in signing a letter to the House and Senate leadership opposing the ?Restoration of America?s Wire Act,? legislation that would impose a federal ban on online gambling. This legislation not only tramples state?s rights for the benefit for one billionaire casino owner, it infringes on individual liberty and expands the surveillance state by giving federal bureaucrats another reason to trample on state rights.

As the letter states:

The real intention of this bill is to remove the state’s 10th Amendment authority to regulate online gambling as states see fit within their own borders. We hope you will not allow RAWA to become yet another instance where the federal government expands its encroachment into the states? purview. State governments are more than capable of making this decision.

Campaign for Liberty opposes all legislation that would expand goverment control over the Internet…

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