Alternative Money, Non-National Currencies Fractional Reserve Banking “Money As Debt”

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“The thing that fires me up the most,” von NotHaus will say, “is this is what happens: When money goes bad, people go crazy. Do you know why? Because they can’t exist without value. Value is intrinsic in man.” -Bernard von NotHaus

In the USA, People wanting alternatives and local solutions can avoid prison threats with paper coupons as local community currencies (such as found in Ithaca, New York with Ithaca Hours).
Investors in the “Sound Money” camp view Bernard von NotHaus as a “HERO”.
Bernard has been the called the Rosa Parks of the alternative money movement“.

Remember 21 March 2011: Making silver coins is “domestic terrorism”?
The FBI won a three-count conviction against precious-metals dealer Bernard von NotHaus on March 18 for the “crime” of minting memento “dollars” in silver, and the FBI charged in a press release that making silver coins is “domestic terrorism.”…

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