News Flash: Corrupt Banking Investigations, and PM David Cameron’s World Economy Warning

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1financial terrorism
Regulated abusers is what governments and banks have become.
Food, electricity, housing, taxes and the cost of living has risen dramatically!
No nation or city is immune.
A protection racket for the elite banks in the money cartel that create the national currencies and fund the governments.
Compounding the horrors of this scheme they tax the ignorant citizens to pay for the interest on the loans from the banks and also to act as a “sink” that removes excess currency in the system and thereby reducing the risk of hyperinflation.
Banks and governments have  replaced gangsters and mafias.
Reports below are the most recent news releases, but the information is already old for repeat offenders.
Year after year reports about the criminal activities and abuses by governments and banks are shared, reporting the looming banking crisis, revealing the bad policies written, reporting the international monetary system of fraud and yet…

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2 Responses to “News Flash: Corrupt Banking Investigations, and PM David Cameron’s World Economy Warning”

  1. Obviously institutional “THUGGERY” will continue until a dramatic event stops them…
    Methinks The EVENT is inevitable.
    Many others think so too:

    Inflation Alert!
    Food and Electricity Prices Rise to RECORD HIGH AGAIN!

    Posted 21 Nov 2014

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