New ERA – SA Government Set to Ban Natural Supplements

What in the world is going on?

60-80% of all natural supplements are about to vanish from South African shops. Goodbye Cal-C-Vita?

Our enlightened government is planning to get rid of our natural supplements by regulating them to the point that only giant pharmaceutical companies can control the market.

FACT: Natural remedies and supplements have become so advanced, and so potent, that they are a massive threat to the profits of the giant pharmaceutical companies.

Read here: and here: This is not a joke – these nutcases will do anything for profit, even remove our right to naturally self-medicate!

A removal of these products will be hugely detrimental to your health, and especially the health of your children. (Unless of course you are rich, in which case you just bring them in from overseas).

The giant corporations have massive amounts of money to “lobby” for a change in legislation. As such, our government is under…

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