The “Rebellion” in Heaven and the “Fall” of Man

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The “Rebellion” in Heavenandthe “Fall” of Man

(More on the Dark & Light Illuminati)

[Lessons in Duality: What is outlined below is essentially what we see now coming to a conclusion, this was written many decades ago but holds true now. If the Bible book of ”The Revelation of Saint John the Divine” were written now we might see the word BEAST, replaced with MACHINE – theysimply didn’t have that in their vocabulary then and what the seers of that time saw was the beast like violence of the inhumane MACHINE of the cabal.

The machine augmented human future of complete “Beast-like” control of humanity by a few is also the “Nazi time line” that the “Wingmakers” and Al Bielek warned about.

There is “logical” reasons why sex, art, music, and other right brained activities were banned and made taboo by religion, education,government. They wanted the focus to…

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